Prescription Refill Policies


  • You should request all new prescriptions and prescription refills during office visits. If you must call, we require 48 hours for a refill.

    If you are calling to request a refill, you will need to provide the following information:

    Phone number
    Date of birth
    Name of drug to be refilled
    Drug dosage or strength
    How often you take the drug
    Phone number for the pharmacy where you would like to pick up your prescription

    Not all requests for refills will be approved. There are some medications that may require an appointment with a provider before the refill will be granted, even if you have been taking the medication consistently. If you have not seen your doctor for six months, we will ask you to make an appointment before refills can be authorized.

    Prescription refills are granted at the discretion of the health care provider with consideration given to the needs and health of the patient, appropriate timing of the refill, the effects of the requested medication on the patient, and the patient’s progress while taking the medication.

    If you have questions regarding your prescription refill, please contact our practice